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Domestic Awnings

An extensive range of Awnings allowing you to enjoy your garden and outdoor living.

Abbey Awnings are made from high quality components and designed to give shade from the sun to keep rooms cool, reduce the risk of fading and damage to carpets and furniture, or provide an outside area which you can enjoy outdoor living in a shaded area safely away from the direct influence of the sun or effects of light rain.

We offer an extensive range of awnings which allow you and your family to enjoy your garden in the knowledge that you are protected from the harmful rays of the sun which can be damaging to your skin. Our quality tested range of fabrics not only help protect you they are resistant to rot, mildew, and are guaranteed not to fade and carry a 10-year warranty.

Using our wind support system it is now possible to turn a standard awning designed for sun shade into a system that is stable in high winds. This can be used on both open systems and full cassette awnings as there are different attachment methods available. When used in conjunction with our products it is possible to have an awning (depending on size) capable of being used up to wind force 8 - even in the rain!

kitchen installations

We provide a range of styles and operations adapted to fit your particular needs.

The systems used in our awnings are manufactured with top quality materials and are the result of significant research and development. Made primarily out of aluminium, which is used in the frame of the awning, to provide strength, a long lifespan and is easy of use. Our operations include traditional hand crank and gearbox or with a spring-driven gearbox and hand crank to make it considerably easier to extend and retract the awning. Our motorised system can be activated with a wired button or through remote control using a built-in radio receiver meaning no cables need to be installed.

Adding a smart system to an awning guarantees durability and increased comfort. A wind, rain and sunlight sensor controls the opening and closing of the awning automatically when it is needed, without the need for supervision. When the intensity of sunlight is above or below a programmed value, the sensor detects this and opens or closes the awning as needed. When it rains the automatic system detects this and opens or closes the awning or when it is windy and causes the awning to oscillate or move in ways that are potentially harmful, the wind sensor detects this and closes the awning to protect it.


The Mayfair

The Mayflair is a superior folding arm awning with drop forged and extruded components using a full cassette design of the highest quality. Its special flat and elegant form is very stylish having a small height and the possibility of flush wall mounting. While closed the arms and the fabric are totally hidden and protected by the cassette. The Mayflair can be supplied up to 14000mm wide with a 4000mm projection and a single cover.

The Novara

The Novara is a light weight but strong fully enclosed, end fix cassette. Designed to be light enough for practically any installation but strong enough to withstand the elements. Maximum width 5000mm with a maximum projection of 3000mm.

The Java

Elegant cassette design offers optimum protection of the awning fabric against the weather when retracted. The angle of incidence of the light can be adjusted by altering the extended position of the awning ideally suited for tall windows. The Java has a streamlined cassette that offers optimum protection for the awning fabric when closed. Supplied as standard with an electric motor for operation.

The Eco

The Eco is a quality folding arm Awning with drop forged and extruded components of the highest quality. An attractively priced starter awning that shows its quality in every detail. This awning can be fitted with an optional Cover Board to protect it against the weather. The support tube is 40 x 40 x 2 mm, galvanized and powder-coated. Screws made from high-grade stainless steel. Hinged aluminium arms with plastic-coated arm cables

The Toscana

A fully enclosed end fix cassette, top or face fix with easy pitch adjustment. Maximum width 5000mm with a maximum projection of 3000mm

The Mica

Compact cassette height of just 130 mm. High-grade gas springs ensure good fabric tensioning in any extended position and optimum protection of the awning fabric when retracted. High-grade stainless steel screws. Even when retracted, the Mica offers optimal protection for both the awning fabric and mechanism. The drop arms use high-grade gas springs to ensure good fabric tensioning in any extended position.
Though manual operation is available for most awnings, remote control electric operation is now an industry standard and optional automatic sun and wind sensors can be fitted so that the awning retracts during wind and extends when the sun shines.
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